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Arti Kata transplantasi

transplantasi: transplantation.

Arti Kata Lainnya
turnoi: tournament.
tebuk: perforation (e.g. eyelet for shoelace, etc.).
siklotron: cyclotron.
rerantingan: all manner of branches and twigs.
beserta: 1 along with, as well as. 2 attached (of letters).
merepet: 1 chatter, blabber. 2 splatter (of an oar, etc.).
kelebek: /kelebet/ folded at the corner or edge (dog-eared pages of a book, tucked-in edge of a bedspread, etc.).
sirkulasi: circulation.
mengemut: 1. 1) throb, beat (of pulse). 2) stagger. 2. 1) suck on (a piece of candy or as sexual act). 2) move up and down (of mouth when eating).
disembarkasi: disembarkation.