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Arti Kata reog Kamus Bahasa Indonesia Inggris Translate dan Terjemahan

Arti Kata reog dalam Kamus Indonesia ke Inggris. Terjemahan/translate maksud kata definisi pengertian makna dan Bahasa Inggris dari arti kata reog.

Arti Kata reog

reog: cackle

Arti Kata Lainnya

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Arti Kata Lainnya
standardisasi: standardization.
monopsoni: monopsony
guna: use, purpose
frambosen: raspberry flavored syrup.
jagoan: gamecock, champion, leader
udap-udapan: salad made of various k.o. vegetables, often bought as a snack on the street.
cercaan: disdain, criticism
plong: 1 freed of cares, relieved. 2 hole.
kek: 1. you could have... or you could have s.t. else, it does not matter if it is....or if it is... 2. see KAKEK.
kuala: estuary, river mouth, confluence.
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