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Arti Kata r.m.

r.m.: [Raden Mas] (Java) title of minor male nobility.

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Arti Kata Lainnya
mencaplok: snatch, swallow, gulp down, seize, annex, carry, win, capture
tritugas: (Lit.) three functions.
atret: (Coll.) back up, go in reverse.
menengah: 1 move to the center. 2 middle, intermediate. 3 average. 4 be neutral. 5 intecede, mediate.
hormat: respect, esteem, respectful
baru: 1. 1) new, recent. 2) modern. 3) fresh. 4) just, only so much up to now. 5) only now, just at acertain time. 6) not until, only then. 7) be in the process of. 2. k.o. tree of seashore with large yellow flowers, beach hibiscus.
langkau: me-langkau-i 1 overlook, skip. 2 leave out, omit.
kagok: clumsy, awkward
penyombong: bluffer
langit: sky, the heavens
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