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Arti Kata koyer Kamus Bahasa Indonesia Inggris Translate dan Terjemahan

Arti Kata koyer dalam Kamus Indonesia ke Inggris. Terjemahan/translate maksud kata definisi pengertian makna dan Bahasa Inggris dari arti kata koyer.

Arti Kata koyer

koyer: (Sport) pitcher in games where a ball is thrown to be batted back.

Arti Kata Lainnya

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Arti Kata Lainnya
ketayap: white rimless cap worn by those who have made the hajj.
pensejajaran: alignment, juxtaposition
maik: microphone.
berdasarkan: be based on
cintrong: (Sl.) love.
bertekun: 1 be diligent. 2 hold fast, adhere to.
persisnya: exactly
berkuting-kuting: constantly follow.
congol: men-congol stick out suddenly (through a small hole).
anestesi: anesthesia