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Arti Kata kenyot,kenyut - an

kenyot,kenyut - an: 1 nipple for baby`s bottle. 2 candy to suck on.

Arti Kata Lainnya
tuba: 1 name of plants from which a stupefying drug is obtained. 2 stupefying drug used in fishing.
ibrahim: Abraham
tk: (Taman Kanak
muno: keep silent and muse.
undur: 1 go back, withdraw. 2 be out of circulation or publicity, out of trend.
pundak: shoulder, neck
pm: 1. [Perdana Menteri] prime minister. 2. [Polisi Militer] military police.
wiraniaga: salesperson
terlampau: too, very much so.
unggulan: s.o. or s.t. considered superior.