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Arti Kata jangkih-mangkih

jangkih-mangkih: scattered around in a disorderly manner.

Arti Kata Lainnya
gecek: (Java) meng-gecek 1 crush, smash (i.e. food to soften it, etc.). 2 catch, seize, grasp.
memancar: spout, spray, sprout
tinggam: (M) k.o. conjuration which causes death by pierching o.`s likeness with a stinger from a ray fish.
tst: (tahu sama tahu) unspoken agreement between two persons participating in a mutually advantageous, often illegal, deal.
marxis: see MARKSIS.
n: n, the 14th letter of the alphabet.
terasi: salted, fermented fish or shrimp paste
merandek: (Jakarta) stop.
dobelop: double-barreled rifle.
mejan: see MEJEN.