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Arti Kata graf

graf: (Ling.0 graph, letter (of a writing system).

Arti Kata Lainnya
numplek: 1 pour out, empty all at o. time. 2 be splled out, be in a huge crowd in a place.
kronik: chronicle
usak: decrease, lessen.
setek: cutting, slip of a plant.
menggoreng: fry
iktibar: see ITIBAR.
mencomot: 1) seizy, nab, grab and hold. 2) snatch off. 3) pick.
jering: 1. Pithecolobium tree, with edible seeds considered beneficial to kidneys. 2. k.o. cricket with strong chirping sound.
melambung: attack on the flank, bounche up, jump up
rohu'l-kudus: (Rel.) the Holy Spirit.