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Arti Kata gembos

gembos: deflated

Arti Kata Lainnya
moka: mocha.
malakama: /malakamo/ buah si-malakama proverbial fruit which brings bad luck to s.o. who is dear to the possessor if he eats it and equally bad luck to another dear person if he does not est it.
pal: 1 lenght of about o. mile. 2 milestone. 3 pole.
pitingan: hold, clinch
perguruan: 1 instituation, school. 2 school (building). 3 instruction.
melekukkan: indent, depression
lid: (Lit.) member of committee, party, etc.
endap: 1. meng-endap 1) settle, precipitate. 2) be present, be there (but not put to any use). 2. meng-endap-endap, ber-endap-endap move stealthily, move in crouching position. 3. see TANAH.
berendeng - rendengan: be in a line, go s.w. in a line.
kendaraan: vehicle, mount