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Arti Kata demotrasi

demotrasi: see DEMONSTRASI.

Arti Kata Lainnya
azimut: azimuth
wuku: (Java) o. of the 30 seven-day periods which make up the 210-day calendar cycle.
tertutup: 1 shut, closed. 2 locked, secured. 3 reclusive, closed (of o.`s personality or feelings). 4 closed off, not available.
kecelikhurufan: literacy
berus: brush.
kopyok: 1 shake s.t., esp. to blend or mix it up. 2 shake up pieces of paper for lottery. 3 (Coll.) dancing.
ntr: [Nikah, Talak, Rujuk] be married, divorced, and recorciled.
gayut: hang, swing
gregel: (Java) ng-gregel-i nervous to the point of quivering (and lossing grip of s.t.).
zarrah: particle, crumb, matter, atom