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Arti Kata cuma dalam Kamus Indonesia ke Inggris. Terjemahan/translate maksud kata definisi pengertian makna dan Bahasa Inggris dari arti kata cuma.

Arti Kata cuma

cuma: only, merely, but

Arti Kata Lainnya
tambul: dessert
tekwan: k.o. soup with fishballs.
numplek: 1 pour out, empty all at o. time. 2 be splled out, be in a huge crowd in a place.
blanggur: (Java) large firecrackers, esp. to mark end of each fasting day during Ramadan.
melibatkan: involve
pengundi: o. who draws (a lot, ticket, etc.).
urban: o. who has moved to the city from the country.
kepuntir: twisted
lamun: although, pile up, muse, day dream
traktor: tractor