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Arti Kata apoteker

apoteker: pharmacist

Arti Kata Lainnya
tempe: 1 k.o. fermented soybean cake, tempeh. 2 s.t. trivial and unimportant or low grade in quality.
masygul: downhearted
kulut: k.o. hardwood similar to the lansium.
asesanti: (Java) utter a slogan.
timang: 1. rock (a child) in o`s arms or a cradle. 2. 1) (Lit.) test the balance of s.t. by shifting it in o.`s hand. 2) observe by holding in the hand. 3) consider an issue carefully.
keterikatan: being bound
acung: point upward.
debit: rate of blow, discharge
enzim,enzima: see ENSIM.
kempang: k.o. canoe.